A/449 Private

Francis John Duckett

1st Bn. Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)

16/03/1916, aged 28.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension


59280 Private

George P. Dupuis

21st Bn. Canadian Infantry, (Eastern Ontario Regiment).


Ridge Wood Military Cemetery

838266 Private

Allan Daniel Dunoon

4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, (Central Ontario Regiment)

09/04/1917, aged 21.

La Chaudiere Military Cemetery


Second Lieutenant

Hubert Stephen Slepowron De Jastrzebski

24th Bn. London Regiment

05/04/1917, aged 22.

Bray Military Cemetery

10523 Corporal

Edward Dwyer VC.

Cross of St. George (Russia)

1st Bn. East Surrey Regiment

03/09/1916, aged 20.

Flat Iron Copse Cemetery

303254 Rifleman

Stephen Hugh Densham

5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)

10/12/1917,  aged 21.

Etaples Military Cemetery


323297 Rifleman 

William T. Doddrell

1st/6th Bn. London Regiment (City of London Rifles).

23/07/1917, aged 20.

Menin Gate Memorial



886397 Private

Peter L. Drake

 28th Bn. Canadian Infantry

(Saskatchewan) Regiment. 10/10/1918, aged 30.

Niagara Cemetery

64306 Private

Percival Charles Dawes

123rd Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).


Voormezeele Enclosure No. 3


S/4553 Rifleman

Sydney Albert Dymond

13th Bn. Rifle Brigade


Thiepval Memorial

265299 Private

John Duffy

6th Bn. Black Watch

(Royal Highlanders)

30/07/1916, aged 21.

Thiepval Memorial



M/299797 Private

 George Christopher Deadman

Royal Army Service Corps

Attd. 66th Bde. Royal Garrison Artillery

17/02/1919, aged 36.

Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No. 2

G/12973 Serjeant

Richard Monty Daniel

7th Bn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)


Thiepval Memorial


5006 Private

Charles Henry John Diews

36th Bn. Australian Infantry

A. I. F.

08/06/1917, aged 27.

Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck


1327 Private

Leslie Adrian De Fontenay

7th Bn. Australian Infantry

A. I. F.

29/12/1917, aged 22.

Somer Farm Cemetery


2731 Private

William Irvine Dyce

5th Bn. Royal Scots

18/06/1915, aged 19.

Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Gallipoli

235380 Private

Joseph Edgar Devine

4th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

19/04/1918, aged 40.

Ploegsteert Memorial

1009 Lance Corporal

John Dodgson

1st/5th King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)

10/05/1915, aged 21.

Hazebrouck Communal Cemetery

31684 Private

Bert Doe

6th Bn. Wiltshire Regiment

01/10/1917, aged 35.

Bus House Cemetery


306878 Private

Thomas Dennison

1st/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

13/06/1917, aged 17.

Ruyaulcourt Military Cemetery

M2/098039 Private

Ernest William Dennison

619th M. T. Coy.

Royal Army Service Corps.

22/05/1916, aged 33.

Cairo War Memorial Cemetery

M2/229634 Private

Charles Dennison

39th Aux. Petrol Coy.

Royal Army Service Corps.

27/02/1919, aged 29.

Janval Cemetery, Dieppe

<<<^These 3 soldiers were brothers


Ralph Dorchell Doughty MC.

3rd A. F. A. Brigade,

Australian Field Artillery

25/07/1917, aged 26.

Coxyde Military Cemetery


843 Lance Corporal

Edward (Teddy) Davidson

12th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles

14/04/1918, aged 19.

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery



238964 Sapper

Gordon Philip Morris Dakin

20th Light Railway Train Crew Company, Royal Engineers

03/05/1917, aged 20.

Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension


28945 Private

John Darley Denton

1st Bn. Grenadier Guards

27/03/1918, aged 32.

Bucqouy Road Cemetery


454221 Private

Richard James Day

2nd Bn. Canadian Infantry, (Eastern Ontario Regt.)

09/09/1916, aged 47.

Albert Communal Cemetery Extension



B/134822 Private

Michael Dobrensky

Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

13/09/1944, aged 21.

Calais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen

266065 Private

Trevor Davies

"B" Coy. 15th Bn. Welsh Regiment

10/05/1918, aged 19.

Martinsart British Cemetery

8594 Private

Charles Edward Dewsall

8th Bn. Royal Fusiliers,

(City of London Regiment)


Thiepval Memorial

536557 Private

James L. Davies

2nd/2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.


Namps-au-Val British Cemetery


45771 Sapper

John Dick

97th Field Coy. Royal Engineers

26/06/1916, aged 28.

Ville-sur-Ancre Communal Cemetery

9951 Private

Ernest Dalton

1st Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers

23/08/1914, aged 27.

La-Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial

712480 Private

Ernest Doucette

78th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)

24/08/1918, aged 18.

Hillside Cemetery, Le Quesnel

356676 Private

Adrian Kingsley Dorrity

1st/10th Bn. The King's

(Liverpool Regiment) - Liverpool Scottish

20/04/1917, aged 21.

Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery


1939 Private

Percy Charles Davis

1st Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

06/08/1915, aged 25.

Lone Pine Memorial

8654 Private

James Daynes

8th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment

18/10/1917, aged 29.

Hooge Crater Cemetery

2833 Private

James Deane

33rd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

06/02/1918, aged 23.

Trois Arbres Cemetery

TZ/3265 Able Seaman

George Douglas

"Anson" Bn. 63rd Royal Naval Division

28/09/1918, aged 26.

Sucrerie British Cemetery, Colincamps


67003 Gunner

Charles Henry Dooley

V/V Heavy Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery

02/06/1918, aged 20.

Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension

12286 Private

Thomas Culshaw Dodgson

15th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

03/09/1916, aged 27.

Thiepval Memorial

15715 Corporal

John Henry Davies

11th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment

02/07/1916, aged 44.

Thiepval Memorial

Second Lieutenant

Curtis Matthew De Rochie

27th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps


Oostende New Communal Cemetery


10804 Private

Albert A. Dicker

1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment


Arras Memorial

6165 Serjeant

Arthur Davies

1st/4th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers

11/05/1915, aged 24.

Chocques Military Cemetery

18779 Private

Thomas William Dixon

1st Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

24/12/1915, aged 29.

Loos Memorial

14674 Private

Thomas Drew

9th Bn. Devonshire Regiment

30/09/1915, aged 32.

Loos Memorial





742978 Private

Harry William Darkes

26th Bn. Canadian Infantry

(New Brunswick Regiment)

06/11/1917, aged 20.

Menin Gate Memorial

17517 Private

Thomas Dawtry

10th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment

29/04/1917, aged 27.

Aubigny Communal Extension

241430 Private

James Dean

1st/5th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment

31/08/1918, aged 22.

Bagneux British Cemetery

242393 Private

William France Dutton

1st/6th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment

06/06/1917, aged 27.

Nouex-les-Mines Communal Cemetery


267998 Private

Ennis Dean

6th Bn. Black Watch

(Royal Highlanders)

31/07/1917, aged 23.

Dozinghem Military Cemetery


Sapper 2214

John Dunlop

1st Lowland Field Company, Royal Engineers

09/05/1915, aged 22.

Le Touret Memorial


2638 Private

George Ditton

45th Bn. Australian Infantry, A. I. F.

20/01/1917, aged 24.

Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers



35998 Private

George Norman Davie

1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

18/07/1917, aged 33.

Bard Cottage Cemetery



784602 Private

Stephen Duckhouse

87th Bn. Canadian Infantry

(Quebec Regiment)

14/08/1917, aged 20.

Vimy Memorial

1196 Sergeant

Vernon Hepburn Drake

30th Bn. Australian Infantry, A. I. F.

22/06/1918, aged 22.

Morlancourt British Cemetery No.2

12104 Private

Ralph Denver

9th Field Ambulance

Australian Army Medical Corps.

12/12/1917, aged 22.

Pont-d'Achelles Military Cemetery

26147 Private

James Reid Dallinger

12th Bn. (Bermondsey) East Surrey Regiment

22/10/1918, aged 20.

Harlebeke New British Cemetery

30824 Private

George Dean

7th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment

04/06/1917, aged 22.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension



1604 Private

Harry Frederick Arthur Dixon

16th Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

08/07/1918, aged 24.

Crucifix Corner Cemetery


16 Driver

George Thomas Davis

24th Bn. Australian Infantry

A. I. F.

01/08/1916, aged 25.

Becourt Military Cemetery

Second Lieutenant

Lionel Thomas Duley

1st Bn. Royal Newfoundland Regiment

29/09/1918, aged 20.

Tyne Cot Cemetery


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