15149 Private

Titus Webb

2nd Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment.


Thiepval Memorial

58104 Private

Robert Wilson

20th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)

05/04/1916, aged 35.

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

3355 Private

William Wilson

16th Bn. Highland Light Infantry.

 01/07/1916, aged 25.

Thiepval Memorial



1233 Lance Corporal

Edward Thomas White (Known as Jack)

17th Bn. Royal Fusiliers


Beuvry Communal Cemetery Extension

5261 Rifleman

Horace Raymond Waterman

1st/16th Bn. London Regiment

(Queen's Westminster Rifles)

23/09/1916, aged 26.

Thiepval Memorial

8050 Serjeant

Evan Warner

5th Bn. London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)

11/12/1914, aged 34

Lancashire Cottage Cemetery


233526 Driver

Albert Ernest Wills

"D" Battery, 311th Bde. Royal Field Artillery

11/11,1917, aged 43.

Etaples Military Cemetery




3703 Private

William Henry Whelan

 26th Bn. Australian Infantry.

16/12/1917, aged 27

Bethleem Farm West Cemetery

2430 Private

 Joseph Williams

 1st/9th Bn. King's

 (Liverpool) Regiment.

28/06/1916, aged 22

Arras Memorial


G/40753 Private

William Thomas Wainwright

12th Bn. Middlesex Regiment

03/05/1917, aged 19

Arras Memorial

5775 Lance Corporal

Frank Arthur Wortley

15th Bn. Australian Infantry, A. I. F.

 27/09/1917, aged 36.

Menin Gate Memorial


G/40078 Trooper

Albert Joseph Wheatland

11th Bn. Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment and Surrey Yeomanry.

07/06/1917, aged 24.

Menin Gate Memorial


Second Lieutenant

Frank Whaley

2nd Bn. Yorkshire Regiment

Formerly served in 18th (University and Public Schools) Bn.

Royal Fusiliers.

31/03/1917, aged 21.

Henin Communal Cemetery Extension

15646 Private

William Henry Wilson

8th Bn. Duke of Wellington's Regiment.

29/09/1916, aged 24.

Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery

3526 Private

Julian Thomas Whiston

59th Bn. Australian Infantry

21/03/1918, aged 20.

Somer Farm Cemetery



3971 Lance Corporal

Arthur Woodhead DCM

2nd Bn. Australian Infantry.

A. I. F.

28/03/1918, aged 21.

Ridge Wood Military Cemetery

6244 Airman 1st Class

Charles Wilman

16th Squadron,

Royal Flying Corps.

10/03/1917, aged 27.

Etaples Military Cemetery


3640 Private

Frederick James Williams

57th Bn. Australian Infantry

A. I. F.

14/12/1917, aged 25.

Somer Farm Cemetery

55933 Private

Robert Thomas Whitaker

1st/7th Bn. Manchester Regiment.

27/09/1918, aged 19.

Vis-en-Artois Memorial



797131 Private

Arthur West

14th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment).

09/04/1917, aged 27.

Nine Elms Military Cemetery

797113 Private

Lewis Edgar West

14th Bn. Canadian Infantry

(Quebec Regiment)

07/09/1917, aged 23.

Lapugnoy Military Cemetery

797116 Private

William James (Bill Jim) West

14th Bn. Canadian Infantry

(Quebec Regiment).

 09/04/1917, aged 19.

Nine Elms Military Cemetery

2507 Corporal

William John Williams

57th Bn. Australian Infantry

A. I. F.

06/12/1917, aged 22.

Somer Farm Cemetery



28015 Private

John Spencer George Watts

10th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

30/07/1917, aged 20.

Locre Hospice Cemetery

1934 Private

Lewis Henry Clifford Williams

39th Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

04/08/1917, aged 39.

Trois Arbres Cemetery

R/34861 Rifleman

Ernest James Westaway

10th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps.


Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery

4135 Private

Robert (Robbie) Williams

6th Bn. Queen's Own

(Royal West Kent Regiment)

12/10/1915, aged 20.

Lillers Communal Cemetery Extension


G/7849 Private

Robert Wilkin

9th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment


Loos Memorial, Dud Corner

22168 Private

William Wilkin

4th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment


Ancre British Cemetery

G/38685 Private

George Wilkin

1st Bn. Queen's Own

(Royal West Kent Regiment)


Vis-en-Artois Memorial

5353 Private

John Edmund West

11th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers


Loos Memorial


G/2766 Serjeant

William Gladstone White

12th Bn. Middlesex Regiment


Arras Memorial

8427 Lance Corporal

Jacob Walton

2nd Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers

30/04/1918, aged 32.

Bagneux British Cemetery

1955 Private

William Edward Weaver

1st Bn. London Regiment, Royal Fusiliers.

04/05/1915, aged 18.

Rue du Bacquerot (13th London Graveyard)

TZ/1493 Able Seaman

John Walker

Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

24/12/1915, aged 19

Helles Memorial


5696 Private

Samuel Welch

1st Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers


Le Touret Memorial

2243 Private

John William Wright

1st/8th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)

20/04/1915, aged 18.

Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery

4802 Sergeant

John (Jack) James White

22nd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

03/05/1917, aged 29.

Queant Road Cemetery

55063 Private

Alfred Sydney Woodward

1st Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment

10/11/1918, aged 19.

Maubeuge-Centre Cemetery


Second Lieutenant

Arthur Pelham Webb

5th Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry

09/04/1917, aged 32.

Tilloy British Cemetery

Second Lieutenant

Oliver Robson Walford

1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment

26/04/1915, aged 19.

Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery


2446 Private

William Richard Wood

10th Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.


Arneke British Cemetery


Harold Whitaker

2nd Bn. Rifle Brigade

30/11/1914, aged 29.

Fauquissart Military Cemetery


2752 Private

Frederick Austin Davis Wilkes

53rd Bn. Australian Infantry, A. I. F.

01/03/1918, aged 20.

Somer Farm Cemetery


203157 Lance Corporal

Evan Williams

"M" Special Company,

Royal Engineers

19/07/1918, aged 30.

Pernes British Cemetery

341363 Chief Armourer

Thomas Robert Waters

H.M.S. "Hogue", Royal Navy

22/09/1914, aged 39.

Chatham Naval Memorial

34977 Serjeant

Frederick Webber

10th Bn. Welsh Regiment

12/07/1916, aged 32.

Dantzig Alley BritishCemetery



43249 Private

John Wardrope

20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn.

Northumberland Fusiliers


Etaples Military Cemetery

36348 Private

Alfred Wood

7th Bn. Leicestershire Regiment


Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery

25274 Private

George William Warcup

3rd Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment

Transferred to 222998, 222nd Area Employment Company,

Labour Corps.

11/02/1918, aged 42.

Tincourt New British Cemetery

68058 Private

Robert Douglas Witherspoon

1st/6th Bn. Cheshire Regiment

01/09/1918, aged 18.

Arneke British Cemetery


30013 Private

Noah Whitehead

1st/7th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

27/08/1917, aged 26.

Tyne Cot Memorial

49551 Private

John Joseph Wilkinson

20th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

21/03/1917, aged 23.

Arras Memorial

20321 Private

Harry Williams

15th Bn. Welsh Regiment

10/07/1916, aged 23.

Thiepval Memorial

380561 Rifleman

Hugh Williams

2nd/5th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)


Tyne Cot Memorial



18203 Private

Arthur Wilde

9th Bn. Duke of Wellington's Regiment

27/04/1917, aged 20.

Duisans British Cemetery

312951 Sapper

Frederick Thomas Wyrill

4th Field Survey Company, Royal Engineers

19/04/1918, aged 23.

Godewaersvelde British Cemetery

68517 Gunner

Alfred Waterman

"C" Battery, 46th Bde.

Royal Field Artillery


Dartmoor Cemetery, Becourt-Becordel

201088 Private

Edward White

1st/5th Bn. Sherwood Foresters, (Notts & Derby Regiment)

01/07/1916, aged 29.

Thiepval Memorial


42635 Private

Albert Edward Warner

1st Bn. Worcestershire Regiment


Thiepval Memorial


Ernest Norman White

5th Bn. attd. 1st Bn. Middlesex Regiment

25/09/1917, aged 33.

Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery

982 Corporal

Clifford Limen Wallis

33rd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

23/07/1917, aged 22.

Trois Arbres Cemetery

15282 Private

Charles Witherell

5th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment

22/11/1915, aged 35.

Loos Memorial


TS/3016 Corporal Saddler

Frederick Wall

4th Coy. 8th Div. Train

Army Service Corps

07/11/1918, aged 40.

Etaples Military Cemetery

22467 Private

James Watt

"B" Coy. 15th Bn. Highland Light Infantry

03/07/1916, aged 39.

Thiepval Memorial


4343851 Private

Harry Wilson

2nd Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment

29/05/1940, aged 19.

De Panne Communal Cemetery

1778 Private

Joseph Oswald Wilcoxon

1st Bn. Welsh Guards

10/07/1916, aged 22.

Guards' Cemetery, Lesboeufs



8972 Serjeant

John William Webster

"C" Coy. 2nd Bn. Sherwood Foresters, Notts and Derby Regiment

20/09/1914, aged 29.

La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial

1153 Corporal

Lawrence Carthage Weathers, V. C.

43rd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

29/09/1918, aged 28.

Unicorn Cemetery

204 Private

Albert Roy Bennett Webber

32nd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

19/07/1916, aged 24.

Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery

2026 Private

Gordon Everitt Webb

(Known as Don)

19th Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

29/07/1916, aged 18.

Sunken Road Cemetery (Contalmaison)


2456 Private

William Watson

17th Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

04/05/1916, aged 27.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension

2704 Private

John Henry Hector Wilson

Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)

09/12/1917, aged 20.

St. Sever Cemetery Extension

957 Private

Thomas Moses Wilkinson

33rd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F

09/07/1917, aged 33.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension


14592 Private

Arthur George William Wright

10th Bn. Essex Regiment

19/09/1916, aged 20.

St. Sever Cemetery


654115 Private

Charlie Clarence Victor Westcott (Clarence)

47th Bn. Canadian Infantry, (Western Ontario Regiment)

29/09/1918, aged 23.

Anneux British Cemetery

1200 Corporal

Henry (Harry) Conrad Wetzel

22nd Bn. Australian Infantry,

A. I. F.

17/09/1917, aged 21.

Bedford House Cemetery

196019 Able Seaman

Henry John Wilson

(R.F.R. Ch. B. 8013 CH). H.M.S. "Euryalus." Royal Navy.

24/05/1915, aged 35.

Cairo War Memorial Cemetery

58837 Private

John Henry Williams

2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers

30/09/1918, aged 23.

Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery



Alfred Osborn Wraith

254th Tunnelling Coy.

Royal Engineers

13/06/1917, aged 33.

Poperinghe New Military Cemetery


1076 Corporal

George Wall

1st Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment

28/04/1915, aged 39.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension


M/11841 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

Arthur William Worden

H.M.S. Dartmouth, Royal Navy, killed in action 15/05/1917, aged 29

Plymouth Naval Memorial


S/19301 Private

George Adamson Whyte

7th Bn. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders


Bard Cottage Cemetery



242209 Private

Joseph Ellis Woof

5th Bn. Border Regiment

24/04/1917, aged 28.

Wancourt British Cemetery

Second Lieutenant

Henry Edward Vernon Winkworth

6th Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment

16/02/1917, aged 21.

Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension


Norman Eden Walker

124th Bn. Canadian Pioneers

13/04/1917, aged 20.

Villers Station Cemetery

41638 Private

Samuel Wallace

10th/11th Bn. Highland Light Infantry

13/04/1917, aged 30.

Faubourg D'Amiens Cemetery



43415 Private

Norman Watchorn

9th Bn. Essex Regiment


Sucrerie Cemetery, Ablain-St. Nazaire


14405 Serjeant

Alan Wilson, DCM

18th Bn. Durham Light Infantry

18/02/1918, aged 22.

Maroeuil British Cemetery


Second Lieutenant

Lloyd Wilson

15th Bn. Durham Light Infantry

24/03/1918, aged 21.

Pozieres Memorial


235124 Private

Joshua Watson

8th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment


Somer Farm Cemetery


42156 Driver

Joseph Wakelam

26th Bty. Royal Field Artillery


Lancashire Landing Cemetery


D/72064 Sapper

Walter S. Waddling

5 Field Coy. Royal Canadian Engineers

20/08/1944, aged 37.

Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery


40094 Lance Corporal

William (Billy) Wainwright

61st Field Coy.

Royal Engineers

28/10/1917, aged 22.

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery


9464 Private

Frederick Waters

19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars

13/11/1914, aged 23.

Menin Gate Memorial




GS/66093 Private

James C. T. Wooler

10th Bn. Royal Fusiliers

14/09/1918, aged 20.

Vis-en-Artois Memorial


3330 Private

Herbert Francis Wallis

2nd Bn. East Surrey Regiment

27/04/1915, aged 18.

Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery



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