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World War Two. - 1939-1945. An Overview of Home Support

By Bob Scott





Bob Scott. Copyright April 2014.

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World War Two. – 1939 – 1945. An overview of home support.

The mechanical war!! Everything bigger – Faster – Greater needs

These would of epic proportion never seen before

People’s at home; on the land in the factories and mines too.


Husbands Fathers and Young Boy’s too

Off to war they have gone! Many of which may never return

It’s up to the Women now to respond

Mothers - Daughters - Sisters too

All needed to step into their Men folk’s shoes


On the land every job of need, would have to be! For - Filled

If a starving Nation, we were not to become

Land Girls would fulfil that vital role


Northern Mill Girls were required for Wool and Cotton to be spun

Conditions were evil from noise and dust

Clothes for the troops on the front line a must

Blankets for hospitals to keep the suffering warm

A comfort many on the battlefield had not known


Women machinist in Engineering to take up the call

These were the power houses of great Might

Producing the Armaments for the Fight

From bullets to bombs and all things in between


The simple nuts and bolts became the glue 

Along with rivets too

Of our Industrial build for a Formidable fight

Tanks Ships and Planes – Great and Small

All played there part in the grander scale of things



In the Coal mines the Bevan boys were hard at it

Mining coal to feed the hungry Furness’s of steel making fine

They toiled long and hard to keep our Forces supplied

With Britain’s Best


Don’t forget the Volunteer’s in our Blitz Cities

And dock’s around the land protecting our supplies

ARP’s who sounded the warnings when danger lurked in our skies

 Red Cross! With their soup kitchen feeding all the needy

WVS with their hot cups of tea and cakes a plenty

To help the troops on their way which ever direction travelled


All above really did keep The Home fires burning

For one and all.