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"Gallipoli" 1915

By Bob Scott



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Operation Suicide! What a title I must confess!

But what of the numbers of human casualties”

Were they not grotesque?

As battle commenced to open the Straits of Dardanelles

The pathway to Istanbul, thereby to divide East from West


A British blunder of the grandest scale

The Ottoman Turks; more prepared than at first thought?

As the British top brass failed to agree,

Because from the point of view? Of those who were all at sea


Wrong place! Wrong time the Royal Navy went in

To start with some success! But to end up in an awful mess

Three battleships sunk… others laid a limping

Not the Royal Navy’s finest day


Cannons and Shells rained down from above

British Expeditionary Forces were needed to answer the call

British – French – Australian and New Zealand Forces

Not forgetting men of the Indian Sub-Continent too


Thousands upon thousands set sail from Egypt’s shore

Headed for Anzac Cove and other places along the coast

Most ships landed at the Cove, then by row boat

To be ferried ashore! As sitting ducks


Many never made it that far whilst others became

Walking boards floating in the sea and toward the beaches lay

A toll of human misery, just had to be crossed


The Ottoman Turks also paid the price

In their lives lost too, no winners came out of this war

Only that of broken Families’ left behind

So when you go home tell them of the pain and suffering

That was Gallipoli

Copyright Bob Scott 22/03/ 2015

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