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Minute of Silence

By Bob Scott







Poem Copyright - Bob Scott (26-10-14)

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Poppy painting - Linda Stanley


We will remember them


Go forth in your numbers great or small


Place Those Wreath's or Poppies all


At Memorials that stand revered across this land




In our Cities_Towns and grassed Village greens


Memorials all record their own


One life! Or Ten Thousand all equal in death


Now is the time to Remember! Their sacrifice




For one minute!! Close your eyes

Then remember all those past and present


The dead the Dying and the wounded


Then those yet to fall in duty fulfilled




Picture if you will the sights and sounds of horror


This is war! One is unable to escape


The sacrifices of the many

And that of! One man too




Your minute’s up!

As you return to the Present


Look around and you will find




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