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O Tower of London

By Bob Scott





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What reverence you have shown me

As rivers of blood red poppies in your moat do flow

That to match the eyes of Families of long ago



As news of another Son for the cause

Had lost his life to set his Country free

Pain and anguish of broken hearts felt

Another family paid the ultimate price



 Your poppies stand so strong and upright

In their magnificent coat of Red

Not so! Those of Flanders Fields

So trodden by Soldiers underfoot



Tower of London you have shown your hand

In Proud Remembrance of all those passed

And those too, of the Present




"O" Tower ! Your poppies will not wilt as those passed, but serve as a shining light


In that of thousands of homes throughout this land


And that of others from lands far beyond these shores


That stood forward in our hour of need.



Poem by Bob Scott 2014


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