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By Bob Scott


Copyright Bob Scott 2014


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Yes the title is small

But its meaning is larger than you will ever know

World War One seriously under strength

What can be done to bolster these figures?

A plan was hatched at the highest level


This was later to become known

As Kitchenerís Boys started in Liverpool

But it soon caught on, as is said simple Ideas are the best

A promise to keep Pals together! That was the quest


Recruitment started from all walks of life

Where ever a group of Pals existed

Working menís clubs: on the sports field too

From Banks to the Butchers shop and its customers too


Miners; Farmers there staff too, the Manor house grand

All answered the call, Villages and towns across this land

With a promise! Pals: Buddies: Mates and Colleagues too

Call us what you like together we were one, in for the long haul


Erie silence fell across this land

As Mothers Aunties Sister Daughters too

Were left to support this land fearful in knowledge

Of what destruction to families this might cause



As vast numbers swelled, there ranks

They joined the British Expeditionary Force

In France and Belgium to fight and die

Such a group was Sussex Downs men


Or better known as Pals Battalions, One two and three

Men of the Royal Sussex Regiment

Who would pay dearly with their lives?

For the Battle of Boars Head they would fight


A real introduction to fighting from the trenches

The day before the Battle of the Somme

A diversionary force to be! But unknown to them

Their plight to wreak havoc in the enemyís front line


Hours they fought with great distinction

As the front they had captured! Then the tide turned

Losses were great amongst the Pals

Still acts of bravery were committed on the battlefield


Bodies of their Pals recovered and wounded too

Under intense fire from the enemy made no difference

Few men would become men of great distinction

But paying the ultimate price! Their life

To save their there Pals


A Posthumous V.C. Awarded to CSM. Nelson Victor Carson

For his outstanding Acts of Bravery

Pals twelve sets of Brothers

Of whom three were from the same Family


So young people of today in this turbulent world of today

Whilst you play with your Hi Tech gadgets

Remember your family Ancestors with Pride

For tomorrow this just might be you, A Pal


Dedicated to the Men of the Royal Sussex Regiment

Who fought at Richebourg 30th June 1916?

The Battle of Boars Head