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Scarlet and Tricorne

By Bob Scott








Scarlet and Tricorne the uniform of men so true

That would be the Chelsea Pensioners

Now that of women too! All loyal

To the uniform past and present


Men, now Women too

Fought wars across the Globe

For our Heads of State! And that of Democracy too

For the freedom of this land we hold so dear


But what of these war weary Veterans

Who fought so long ago?

The fight over! Nowhere to go

Many were victims that had fought

Injured beyond repair


Spirits broken but not from war

But that of returning soldiers Valiant Be

By a society that did not care


King Charles the Second notice this plight

Is it fair men who fought with Valour and Might?

Return home without proper care.


A Royal Hospital must be built to treat these men

Accommodation blocks to rest their weary head

A Palace building like no other

A glowing tribute to all these men


That was Three Hundred years ago

A Palace Hospital! This Palace Hospital was built

Beside the River Thames


In recent years needs to upgrade to meet modern needs

But the Heart and Soul remains the same

In this Palace Hospital besides the River Thames.


Copyright Bob Scott 2014


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