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Biography of Wallace McCulloch & Bert Elliott


(Text and Images courtesy of Mary Jean Van Dorp)

Wallace and Bert are buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery


288984 Private

Wallace McCulloch

78 Bn. Canadian Infantry

1st November 1917.

Plot XXI. CC. 20.


Wallace McCulloch was born in Paisley, Ontario in the year 1895, which was a small community outside Southampton on the shores of Lake Huron. The Saugeen River flowed through the town and Wallace and his siblings had played on its banks .There had been ten children born into this family though three died during childhood and their names appear on a stone in the local cemetery which also records the names of James McCulloch and Margaret Strachan, their parents, who had both been born in Scotland. Wallace worked as a farm hand on another family farm ( he was 20 years old) until he joined the military on Feb 23 1917 in Winnipeg. He was a member of the 78th Battalion. Wallace was killed on the 1st November 1917 during the Third battle of Ypres. He was survived by his Father, James Mc Culloch, his Mother Margaret Strachan McCulloch and siblings: Robert. Jean (Oliver), Alexander, Bessie Chaloner. Ethel Elliott and Annie Hastings.


Wallace's Attestation Paper

A letter to his sister Bessie that was penned in France on October 13/17, two weeks before he was killed.

Dear Bessie:

Just a few lines tonight to let you know that all is well, but under the circumstances we canít write these days as we are not stationary at present,

But will write again as soon as possible.

We are having very fine weather these days, it rains pretty near all the time, and cold too, there was a bit of hail with the rain today. It sure is a great country & hope we donít have to put in the winter here. I guess the harvest will be off by this time, and hope it didnít get the frost. We are in an old barn tonight and I see the old flail too. We will be threshing in our sleep tonight. Well I had a letter from Annie and one from Ethel the day after I got yours. They were mailed a week before yours, but havenít got the parcel yet that Annie sent. The mail came in today, the first for a couple of days, but I was out of luck but I suppose there will be some along one of these fine days. Of course after tomorrow donít expect we will get any mail for about a week.

Well, I think that is all for this time, and you can look for a picture of the platoon one of these fine days.

Well must close now hoping you are all well as this leaves me.

Love from Wallace.

A letter from his chaplain to his Mother, Mrs. Margaret McCulloch, confirmed his death on November 1st, 1917. The letter stated that he had been taken to a hospital on that same day of his injuries and everything possible for his recovery and comfort had been given to him. Later a burial report arrived from the Overseas Military Forces of Canada. which stated the following

Unit 78th Battalion -Winnipeg GrenadiersÖ.Reg. No. 288984
Rank ĖPrivate Name McCulloch.W.
Date and Nature of Casualty 1-11-17
Where buried  
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery (This is a recognized Military Burial Ground in Belgium)
No. of GraveÖÖ.Not yet available
Marking of Grave Temporary wooden memorial erected with all particulars of the deceased
Inscribed thereon.
Reference R.L. 25-M-5999/ R...I...F. (4)/ BMT.
N.B. All communications regarding this report should quote above number.
Extracted from Burial Records, Canadian Record Office. London.
This Burial Report contains all information at present available, but is subject to revision by this office.
4th May, 1918.


523223 Private

William Bertrand Elliott

5th Field Amb

Canadian Army Medical Corps

10th November 1917, aged 41.

Plot XXII. EE. 4


Son of Thomas and Mary Laing Elliott, of Cavan, Durham Co., Ontario.


Bert Elliott was born in Cavan Ontario on April 29th 1876 to Thomas Elliott and Mary Laing. He was one of 7, two sisters who died in childhood and 4 brothers, Thomas Lorne, J. Payton, R.Bruce and Fred .Their father died when they were in their teens. In 1901 records show both Bert and Lorne as members of the Peterborough 3rd Prince of Wales Dragoons. Both men went to Winnipeg at some time and joined to fight in the war. Lorne was a Lt. in the 43rd Cameron Highlanders and Bert in the Army Medical corps.


Bert's Attestation Paper




Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

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