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World War One - Lest We Forget

By Bob Scott




Copyright Bob Scott 2014


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Famous words overly repeated year after year

At Memorial Services throughout this land

But who do we refer too; only that?

Of the Human kind.


Or animals Contribution too!

Horses / Mules to name but a few

Hark I hear you say!

It was Humans that won WW1.

Fact or fiction? Is that true


So less we forget the animals role

Munition Trains – Artillery - Water bowsers too

Plus all supplies so needed to feed

To support men in their hour of need


Millions upon Million across the World

The Western Front

Australia – New Zealand to name a few

In this war died on behalf of you and me

The Battle of the Somme, one of a few

Immersed in mud up to their knees!



Their plight was not a pretty sight to see

Some died of weakness unable to struggle free

Others shot on site to relieve their suffering

Whilst brave men dropped to their knees

And sobbed at the loss of such a good friend


Is it Guilt that their passing was so neglected

That all has been, but forgotten

This was not of Natures happenings

But that of man! He might survive


Towards the end of this first Centenary few people

Are waking up to the plight that Memorials

Not only the right of Humans

But that of Animals that served us all


Shed the shackles of shame

Let History be told! In the raw so future

Generations understand the horror of War

We will remember them

God’s creatures One and All.