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1 DAY ON THE SOMME: This volume is a jewel on the Somme’s bookshelf; a vital source of reference to be consulted time and time again. When used alongside other battleground companions it brings the contours of the Somme landscape to life and allows both the occasional tourist and the devoted Wold War One addict to understand the complexity of the front line and imagine the scenes that took place there.....Read More

148 DAYS ON THE SOMME: With the plethora of battlefield guides that seem to have come on the market over the past few years, it takes a rather special effort to capture my interest these days, but Barry Cuttell has succeeded with both his books. Following on from his immensely useful One Day on the Somme, Barry takes up the story of the events on the Somme from 2nd July to the end of November 1916.....Read More

THE AFFAIR AT NERY: Nery is a reasonably remote, small and ancient town  in the Oise Department of France. It was here, on the 31t August 1914 that the 1st Cavalry Brigade settled for the evening during their retreat from Mons. By dawn the following morning they were discovered by the German 4th Cavalry Division and soon came under attack. The initial bombardment caused chaos and destruction and took our forces totally by surprise, amazingly however the British troops managed to rally round and the they fought an excellent defensive action which included a classic cavalry style charge by the Queen’s Bays.....Read More

THE SOMME: Amongst the 500 plus pages of thought provoking text, the reader will see, heart breaking, first hand accounts of what it was like for the British soldier to crawl through the rough and treacherous terrain of no man’s land, whilst facing the full might of the German Army with their numerous and heavily manned machine guns. They will learn of the numerous and most atrocious injuries treated by the dedicated men and women of the Royal Army Medical Corps and also appreciate what it was like for the young and often inexperienced pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, who fought so bravely to maintain control in the skies, as the horrific battle raged beneath them. - The list of the often unbelievable accounts covered in this volume, is endless!....Read More

ST. JULIEN: Battleground Europe Series: This handy sized book is packed full of fascinating information and will, without a doubt be of interest and great assistance to the serious student of military history & tactics, the family history researcher and the battlefield tourist alike. Many excellent photographic portraits of individuals, “then and now” photographs of buildings and places, superb aerial views and fine maps support the comprehensive text which, not only sets the scene in the lead up to the Second Battle of Ypres, but also includes – graphic eye witness accounts, orders of battle and detailed descriptions of the gallant actions by courageous individuals, which led to their being awarded the nation’s highest honour for valour – the Victoria Cross!....Read More

MAGNIFICENT BUT NOT WAR - THE SECOND BATTLE OF YPRES 1915: Hill 60,  Gravenstafel, St Julian, Frezenberg and Bellewaerde Ridges during April and May of 1915 are collectively and perhaps better known to many, as The Second Battle Of Ypres. Making full use of regimental histories, war diaries and eye witness accounts, the author has carried out extensive research and successfully produced this excellent and long overdue publication, covering the period where Germany became the first nation ever, to make use of asphyxiating gas as a weapon of war. Each phase of the battle has been subjected to detailed analysis, there are many maps, together with sixteen pages of black and white photographs.....Read More

BATTLES OF WORLD WAR I: This superb, handy sized and excellent value for money book, is an ideal quick reference guide covering all major land, sea and air battles of the Great War. Sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in this important, yet tragic period of our history, it provides concise overviews of over 50 campaigns that took place in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and Russia between 1914 and 1919.....Read More

PALS ON THE SOMME 1916: ...These battalions with around a 1000 men in each gained distinction. There is no doubt, that they fought well and along with the army in general, they suffered high casualty rates too, leaving many British cities, towns and villages with a loss that took several decades to actually recover... There are some very nice black and white photographs (including superb aerial views), which are in turn supported with maps and other photos featuring unit badges and formations signs. With the detailed Order of Battle also included, this makes a very useful volume.....Read More

THE SOMME, FROM DEFEAT TO VICTORY (DVD): To mark the 90th anniversary of the start of the Somme Offensive, the BBC have produced an extraordinary new documentary which puts the entire action in a fresh and new light. This superb production - a lasting tribute to those who served on one of the bloodiest days in military history, will be released on DVD and Video by DD Home Entertainment on the 19th June – excellent timing for those attending the anniversary events or visiting the area this summer.....Read More

RECORD of the BATTLES & ENGAGEMENTS of the BRITISH ARMIES in FRANCE & FLANDERS 1914-18: ...details in chronological order, every British army formation of brigade level and above, that served on the Western front during the Great War. The superb index, enables the reader to trace with ease, place names and the various engagements in which each division and brigade was involved.....Read More

BATTLE HONOURS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND COMMONWEALTH LAND FORCES 1662-1991: This excellent book is the product of over twenty years painstaking research by the author, who as an ex soldier himself, saw active service in many parts of the world during his extensive army career and is therefore well qualified to write, what I consider to be the definitive reference work on this most fascinating subject. The first officially recognised battle honour ever awarded to British and Commonwealth land forces, was made to the 15th Light Dragoons on 16th July 1760, when their helmets were especially inscribed, to commemorate their victory over the French at Emsdorff.....Read More

THE CRIMEAN WAR: If  you are considering purchasing just one volume on the Crimean War, I am sure this very reasonably priced re-print of the highly successful classic masterpiece will more than meet your requirements. Although there have been several much larger and more detailed volumes published to date, this one is without a doubt one of the easiest to read, whilst being sufficiently authoritative enough at the same time.....Read More

TIP AND RUN: This ground breaking  volume is certainly a breath of fresh air and I am therefore certain it will be welcomed by Great War researchers and enthusiasts alike, as it differs from other volumes by covering the war in Africa (as opposed to the war on the Western Front or Gallipoli). Following the success of his earlier and much acclaimed volume “Lost Lion of the Empire”, this well written volume covers what many in Britain considered to have been a “remote sideshow” compared to the big push and the events in Europe at that crucial period in our history, however there is no doubt that Africa was of special interest to many nations and it was therefore important to remove the threat from the German fleet based there.....Read More



ADOLF HITLER - The Final Analysis: There is no doubt that the name of Adolf Hitler will go down in world history and be remembered for centuries to come, as he was the man who can be held personally responsible for the deaths of more than 30 million people between 1939 and 1945.....Read More

THE GERMANS IN NORMANDY: It may surprise the reader to learn that over 60,000 German soldiers, sailors and airmen were killed defending Normandy. These troops, who had been entrusted to defend Hitler’s Atlantic Wall firmly believed in their cause and initially had every reason to believe in their ability to successfully defend their ground too. However within a few days of the Allied invasion, opinions changed and their belief in victory soon led to disappointment as casualties mounted and the reality dawned on them that the allied forces were far superior to their expectations.....Read More

RUCKMARSCH: The incredible story behind Ruckmarsch begins here, and is told by the author in the familiar After the Battle then and now style. No less than 1000 splendid photographs support the excellent text covering the period when the German army retreated across France and lost almost 300,000 men in the process.....Read More

THE PEGASUS DIARIES: The private papers of Major John Howard, DSO: Howard and his men of the 2nd Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry were amongst the first troops to land on enemy held soil on D-Day. Transported by Horsa gliders, they were towed across the English Channel by Halifax bombers and having been released from their towing aircraft at 8000 feet, they remarkably landed within meters of their target – a target that had been chosen as it would be via this bridge that the enemy would aim to re-enforce their positions in Normandy in the event of invasion.....Read More

100 BOMBER GROUP (BOMBER SUPPORT), RAF BOMBER COMMAND IN WORLD WAR II: The fascinating narrative cleverly, not only covers the history and personalities involved with the various airfields and the role of each location and the units that flew from them, but also includes a detailed list of aircraft shot down. Plus, what makes the volume even more valuable, is the host of superb black and white illustrations featuring the key personalities, their aircraft, aircraft nose art and actual aerial views of the airfields themselves.....Read More

FLAK HOUSES THEN AND NOW: Drawing on American Red Cross archives and information obtained from former residents/guests of the homes and local people, the author, prompted to write this volume after a conversation with an American friend as to how he met his wife, has put together a fascinating story of these houses. In the usual After the Battle style, he has used a wide range of then and now photographs to back up his fascinating narrative and has included photographs of many of the personalities involved together with both internal and external views and maps featuring the locations of the properties.....Read More

THE RHINE CROSSING: 9th US Army & 17th US Airborne: This volume, which is packed to the hilt with information,  will be especially popular to those interested in the events following the Allied invasion of Normandy in the early Summer of 1944, as although Operation Varsity rivaled Operation Overlord in size, few books have been written about it in comparison.....Read More



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