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SOMME HARVEST: ...In December 1915 he too was wounded and returned to England to convalesce. hence the reason this account opens after he returned to France, when his new battalion (2 K. R. R. C. ) launched a large scale raid on the Triangle at Loos –  a raid which cost over 240 casualties, including Rifleman William Mariner VC, who was blown to pieces in front of the author! Graphic descriptions of  further bitter fighting follow and cover subsequent events up until the actions at Bazentin and Pozičres Ridge where his battalion commander, company commander and sergeant major were killed and he was eventually taken prisoner.....Read More

VETERANS - The Last Survivors of The Great War: I can thoroughly recommend this particular volume as not only does it make fascinating reading, but due to its handy size and very reasonable price, it is ideal to take on holiday or when travelling. Although I have read the majority of books that fall into this category, I found this one so interesting and thought provoking, I was unable to put it down. Besides featuring many excellent black and white photographs that help put the excellent narrative into perspective, it is packed to the hilt with true and often remarkable stories and personal reminiscences that cover every human emotion possible.....Read More

UNDER FIRE IN THE DARDANELLES: This excellent book is based on the photographs and Great War diaries of the Honourable Major Edward Cadogan – the Old Etonian, Oxbridge graduate and  London aristocrat who served initially in the Suffolk Yeomanry before moving on to become Commander of the Palestine Intelligence Corps during the Great War. Presumed lost until their recent discovery by Viscount Chelsea, these diaries are unique and therefore provide a most important and valuable source of information , that will prove to be of use to both the military historian and researcher alike.....Read More

LAST POST: In the remarkable and moving interviews, these extraordinary men felt that they spoke not only for themselves, but for their friends and comrades of a lost generation that did not live to tell the tale. They were sometimes sad and perhaps bewildered and on occasions, often a little bitter or angry too, however in some cases, they told tales of happier times also.....Read More

BRITAIN’S LAST TOMMIES: Out of the six million men and boys who served on the Western Front in the period 1914-1918, there were only 12 veterans still alive as of February 2006, therefore emphasising the fact that very soon the tragic events of that time, will go from being classed as living history, into past history and relegated to reference books and archives. The evocative cover of this book speaks volumes for the contents. It is without a doubt an extraordinary collection of stories, actually told by the veterans themselves.....Read More

THE DIARY OF AN OLD CONTEMPTIBLE: Having served King and Country for a designated total of nine years, Edward returned to his native homeland, where his stay was to be shot-lived however. Being one of the few fully trained and experienced soldiers on the army reserve at that time, his previous army experience was priceless and he was quickly recalled to the colours as war was declared in Europe. Seeing action in Northern France, Gallipoli and Mesopotamia, he witnessed some of the most horrific sights imaginable during the following war years and despite being wounded on three separate occasions, Edward along with his precious diaries survived.....Read More

THE LIFE AND SELECTED WORKS OF RUPERT BROOKE: This specialist publication actually encompasses two volumes in one and includes a host of personal photographs from the Brooke private family album. The majority of the book provides the reader with a fascinating insight into Brooke’s early life as well as his short but interesting military career. The second section includes a special selection of Brooke’s remarkable poetry, including the full version of “The Soldier.”.....Read More

JUST SOLDIERS: ...Using a vast variety of material, such as unit histories, personal war service records & diaries together with newspaper articles and interviews with veteran’s relatives, to write this very informative volume, the author has succeeded in “capturing” the real spirit of ordinary Australian Soldiers in the Great War.....Read More

BILLIE - The Neville Letters 1914-1916: This superb book is based on over 200 letters Billie wrote home to his family during his time in the army. Covering the period from his enlistment through to the day of his untimely death, these fascinating letters provide the reader with a most remarkable insight into this brave officer’s innermost thoughts as he prepared to face the enemy and the very real and demanding conditions, he along with his men endured during their time in the trenches.....Read More

THE VOICE OF WAR - THE SECOND WORLD WAR TOLD BY THOSE WHO FOUGHT IT: ...Guy Gibson’s personal account of the famous “Dambusters” raid, made compelling reading, whilst Airey Neave’s recollection of his daring escape from the fortress prison of Colditz left me sitting on the edge of my seat. Having personally visited the bridge at Arnhem during the 60th anniversary commemorations, I also found John Frost’s memoirs of this historical event most moving. These are just three of the many stories covered in this excellent book, one point to remember however, is that they are all true and told in the words of those who were there!....Read More

FROM BIPLANE TO SPITFIRE - THE LIFE OF AIR CHIEF MARSHALL SIR GEOFFREY SALMOND KCB. KCMG. DSO: ...Geoffrey Salmond saw action over the battlefields of the Western Front during the Great War, before going on to play a key role in the development of single wing high-speed and long range flight together with the formation of the Royal Air Force. His record breaking adventures are legendary, as was his involvement in opening air routes over the Empty Quarter, linking Cairo to Karachi and later Australia via the East Indies.....Read More

ROGUE WARRIOR OF THE SAS: Although this book is sold as a biography of one of Britain’s most decorated soldiers of the Second World War, it covers so much more. To be honest, it is one of just a few books I didn’t want to put down and therefore read it from cover to cover in a short space of time, as practically every page was filled with extraordinary and heroic tales, that if you did not know better could have come from  a Boy’s Own style war comic!....Read More

CAPTAIN STANILAND’S JOURNEY - THE NORTH MIDLAND TERRITORIALS GO TO WAR: Prompted to investigate the origins of a house name in his home town of Boston (Lincolnshire), Martin Middlebrook (author of the much acclaimed “The First Day On The Somme”) carried out extensive research and has successfully un-earthed the fascinating story of the Staniland brothers (members of a prominent Lincolnshire family), who were tragically killed in action in 1915.....Read More

THERE'S A DEVIL IN THE DRUM: This excellent volume tells the fascinating story of John Lucy, a young man from Cork,  who shortly after leaving school, was, along with his brother locked out of their home by their Father one evening and told to stay out. They therefore travelled to Dublin and being full of life and spirit and seeking adventure, joined the Royal Irish Rifles in January 1912. After training at the depot and subsequent postings to both Dover and Tidworth, they joined the 2nd Battalion as it moved to France. Sadly his brother was killed at the Aisne, however John saw action at Mons, Le Cateau, the Aisne, 3rd Ypres , Cambrai and Neuve-Chapelle where his unit was reduced to just 2 officers and 46 men, when 181 men were killed in less than four days!...Read More

THE LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS OF GENERAL HUGHIE STOCKWELL: This is the excellent and highly detailed biography of a most remarkable soldier, who having commanded a West African division, was once referred to by Monty, as a “bow and arrow soldier”. Hugh Charles Stockwell was commissioned into the Royal Welch Fusiliers in 1923 and in spite of the fact he was not a staff college graduate, he enjoyed a distinguished military career which included him rising from the rank of Major to Major General in just four years! He was a man of great courage with excellent leadership and personal qualities, which led to him being held in great esteem by his superiors and peers together with those who served under him.....Read More

OLD SOLDIER SAHIB: If you want to know what life was like for the ordinary soldier in the early years of the 20th century, this is one volume you should purchase today! I personally found it fascinating and a delight to read and as a result, have now moved swiftly on to the sequel “Old Soldiers Never Die”. Frank Richards was born in 1884.He enlisted in the Royal Welch Fusiliers at Brecon in April 1901- just three months after the death of Queen Victoria. Having trained for a short time in the UK, he went on to serve with that particular regiment in both India and Burma for the remainder of his 9 year engagement.....Read More

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - Mirage of a Desert War: This splendid volume will fascinate serious military historians and casual readers alike, as it goes great lengths to dispel the many myths surrounding this eccentric hero, who in reality was much more ruthless than the man depicted in the film. It is well known, that he was a man who hated both politicians and senior officers, however it may surprise many to learn that he had originally been nominated for a Victoria Cross....Read More




SOLDIERS DIED IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919 (VERSION 2.0): For those unfamiliar with this most brilliant programme, “Soldiers Died” is a fully searchable digital database that enables the user to search the vast amount of fascinating information covering 665,000 soldiers and 37,000 officers of the British Army who died in the period 1st January 1914 through to the 31st December 1921.Searching the data could not be made easier and can now be accessed by a wide variety of methods including – by regiment, battalion, surname, first name, initials, rank, service number, place of birth, enlistment and residence, date and nature of death and theatre of war. The mine of information returned on the casualty will normally include decorations awarded, together with details of previous regiments they may have served and earlier service numbers if applicable.....Read More


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