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THE MEMORIAL TO THE MISSING: This splendid volume so eloquently written tells the full story behind this significant memorial and includes the reasons for its architectural importance, the way in which it commemorates the dead and of course its wider historical

significance.....Read More


WEATHERED WITNESS - Relics of the Great War: Anyone with an interest in the Great War and especially those with an artistic bent, who appreciate beautiful photography will, I believe really enjoy this beautiful volume which features an excellent selection of outstanding , evocative black-and-white photographs of the often forgotten or neglected remains of monuments, cemeteries and buildings from the

Great War.....Read More

DISCOVERING FORTIFICATIONS: Discovering Fortifications covers “fortresses” of all shapes and sizes and in numerous locations around the British Isles . In fact every period in our history from the Tudor to the Cold War period is included and the fascinating and very readable text will keep readers of all levels from children to the expert engrossed for hours.....Read More

HOME FRONT 1914-1918 - How Britain Survived The Great War: As Fathers, sons and brothers together with friends and work colleagues fought side by side on  foreign fields, those left behind worked harder than ever before to grow crops, produce the machinery of war and ammunition and whilst suffering from the loss of loved ones,  had to contend with aerial bombardment and rationing. There was a vast influx of foreign refugees and as women were now expected to play an increasing part too, their lives and the female role in society was to change for ever.....Read More

COMMAND AND CONTROL ON THE WESTERN FRONT: It is common knowledge that the command and control structure of our forces in the Great War has often been the subject of criticism. This unfortunately has reflected badly on the reputations of many senior officers of that period and led to many derogatory the expressions, including the famous “Lions led by donkeys”.  This excellent volume, written by two leading military historians, is a new interpretation of the British command structure in the Great War and through their thorough and painstaking research, their findings actually debunk many of the myths surrounding this unsatisfactory school of thought.....Read More

BRITISH MILITARY RIFLES: Priced at just £4.99, this splendid little book represents excellent value for money and will prove invaluable to military historians, students of military history, battlefield guides together with arms and militaria collectors alike, as it covers ‘guns”  from as early as the 1300s through to the present day. Peter Duckers is an expert with over 40 years experience in this fascinating subject and he has therefore written a book that will appeal not only to fellow enthusiasts and experts alike, but also to the layman who maybe is new to this area of collecting or is researching weapons as part of a wider area of interest in other matters military or historical.....Read More

WAR MEMORIALS IN BRITAIN: ...As a result of this country’s participation in innumerable campaigns in the far flung corners of the world, one cannot visit any British City , town, or even the smallest of villages, without noticing a war memorial of some description. These of course, vary in size from a small plaque on a shady park bench, through to huge, impressive monuments in more prominent locations. Sadly, however, these memorials are often passed by un-noticed and without a second thought, however thanks to the recent upturn in interest in genealogy, many people are now paying closer attention to these commemorations to the fallen, in hope of tracing a link to an ancestor.....Read More

THE HOME FRONT IN THE GREAT WAR: This long overdue publication brilliantly portrays the real effects of the Great War on those left behind at home. As Fathers, Husbands, Sons and Brothers went off to war and face the enemy at the front, their loved ones fought long lasting  “battles” of their own on British soil! With Zeppelin raids, food shortages and rationing, censorship.....Read More

DOCTORS IN THE GREAT WAR: For the first time in our history, Doctors played a greater part in the Great War than they had ever done in previous conflicts! By 1918,The Royal Army Medical Corps had expanded so much so, that 13,000 doctors (half of the nation’s medical profession) were on active service! The author has skilfully examined the impact of the Great War on the medical profession, which resulted in a substantial contribution by medical students, which in turn opened up new professional opportunities for women.....Read More

TOMMY - The British Soldier on The Western Front 1914-1918: This superb book, written by Britain’s top military historian – Professor Richard Holmes, tells the fascinating story of the ordinary British Soldier during the Great War. Covering just about every angle of the ordinary soldier’s daily life (“warts and all”) from the day he enlisted through to the day he was either de-mobbed or was killed in action, this brilliant book makes compelling reading for the family, military or social history researcher, the battlefield tourist as well as those who just like a “good read”.....Read More

MUD, BLOOD AND POPPYCOCK: ...An ex regular army officer who served with the Gurkhas, the author has provided some superb comparisons between the armies of 1914-18, the thinking at the time and those of today. This volume is therefore an outstanding reference work and a thoroughly good read. Any family historian or researcher, school history teacher or student will not be disappointed with its contents.....Read More

INTERVENTION IN RUSSIA 1918-1920: Generally, little is know of the allied intervention into Russia and the Caspian Sea region during the period between 1918-1920. In fact, sixteen countries including Britain sent their armed forces to the area, as it had become increasingly politically complex and more unstable following the Revolution in the March of 1917 and the Bolshevik coup de tat in the following November.....Read More

SHEFFIELD - ARMOURER TO THE BRITISH EMPIRE: This interesting volume is sure to be of interest to the family history researcher, military and social historians, along with anyone with a general interest in South Yorkshire, as it gives a fascinating insight into the industrial areas of Sheffield and Rotherham, during the period 1914 through to1945- the “dark years”, where these towns and their citizens played an integral part towards the war effort, by supplying everything from rivets for aircraft built to defend the homeland, through to arms and ammunition, for ships on the high seas as well as the advancing British and allied forces in the far flung corners of the empire!....Read More

SHOT AT DAWN: ...Many military historians and ex army officers believe, that in the majority of cases the condemned men deserved their punishment - I am unsure however! Here, you have the opportunity to read the facts for yourself and make up your own mind. This book is a useful addition to any Great War reference library!....Read More

THE BRITISH OFFICER: This excellent volume covers every period of our history from the English Civil Wars to the present day and the major wars and campaigns fought during that time are covered and the well written text is supported with some fine copies of engravings and photographs too. The book is set out in chronological order and the overviews of each period are especially useful as they provide information on the conditions experienced at the time, the tactics and equipment used and features everything else including recruiting, manning strengths, promotion procedures and levels of pay at the various times.....Read More

BRITISH TRENCH NAMES OF THE WESTERN FRONT, 1914-1918: This unique volume from Spellmount is certain to prove invaluable to Great War military historians, Battlefield Guides /enthusiasts and serious family history researchers alike, as it is the first ever study of British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and Indian trench names of the Western Front to be published. All battlefields, from Ypres, Loos, Vimy Ridge and Arras to the Somme, Cambrai and the 1918 battles are covered and the reader is provided with a very useful gazetteer of an unbelievable 10,000 plus trench names, which in themselves prove the important part that trench warfare actually played during the Great War.....Read More

THE  BRITISH ARMY HANDBOOK 1914-1918: This volume – one of several in a series from this specialist publisher, provides the reader with an excellent insight into this unique army during the Great War period and covers just about every aspect of its operation and organisation from conscription and training, equipment , vehicles and weapons through to tactics and communication and so much more. I personally found the section on divisional organisation and histories useful and I am sure the part pertaining to sites of interest and remembrance will be invaluable to those visiting the battlefields today.....Read More

BLOOD-RED DESERT SAND: The British Invasions Of Egypt & The Sudan 1882-1898: This volume is worth every penny for the remarkable black and white photographs alone! The splendid pictures featuring many British military units are the work of pioneer war photographers and remarkably date back to as early as 1882, making this volume a must for military historians and family history researchers, together with model makers and militaria collectors alike.....Read More



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