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Regimental Histories


9th SERVICE BN. THE SHERWOOD FORESTERS: The 9th Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby) which formed part of Lord Kitchener's "New Army", was initially made up of men recruited from the north Midlands.  These very ordinary men, the majority of which, had previously been employed as farm workers or miners from the local coalfields had never left their rural areas before enlistment, soon found themselves facing a vicious enemy on the battlefields of both Gallipoli and France and Flanders where they fought with distinction.....Read More

THE HISTORY OF THE ARTISTS' RIFLES: This splendid well written volume provides the reader with insight into just part of the regiment’s proud history, between the years 1858 and 1947, however the Artists story does not end there as they were reformed in 1947 and still served today under the more familiar title of 21 SAS Regiment (Artists) TA – the sister regiment of the internationally famous 22 SAS whose daring exploits are legendary....Read More

MONTY'S HIGHLANDERS: Monty once described the 51st Highland Division as one of the finest formations that had ever served under his command. In fact, it was the only infantry division that had served with him from his time in the Western Desert at El Alamein through to the invasion of Normandy and then the final entry into Berlin....Read More

BLACK WATCH - A Concise History: Formed in 1725 as an independent security force (or watch) their initial task was to guard the lawless areas of the Scottish Highlands. From those dark years through to the present day, the Black Watch has served its country fearlessly and has earned the enviable reputation as being one of the finest fighting regiments in the British Army....Read More

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT 1914-1919: This particular volume, originally published in 1932 covers the actions of the Northamptonshire Regiment during the Great War, a period when it gained no less than fifty eight battle honours and a remarkable six Victoria Crosses. The main content of this splendid volume covers the two regular battalions of the regiment. The 1st & 2nd Battalions. The 1st Battalion which was among the first units to travel overseas in August 1914, saw action at Mons, the Marne, the Aisne and during the First Battle of Ypres.....Read More

THE BRITISH GRENADIERS: As the volume has been written by an ex Grenadier Guards officer and in close association with the regiment itself, readers can rest assured that the wealth of information ( not normally available, or easily accessible to “outsiders” ) contained between the colourful covers is fully detailed and accurate in every way. This excellent publication was honestly a treat to read, as it was packed to the hilt with a more than generous amount of  fascinating detail written in a very readable style. Coupled with the wide range of excellent colour and black and white photographs.....Read More

LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH: Although the author has treated this famous Territorial Battalion as a regiment in its own right, it was technically the 10th (T. F.) Battalion of the much larger King’s Liverpool Regiment and this publication covers the history of its 1/10th, 2/10th and 3 /10th (Scottish) Battalions during the period between 1900 and the end of the Great War - the conflict in which the Liverpool Scottish lost just over 1100 men who were either killed in action or died on active service.....Read More

THE WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT IN THE WAR, 1914-1918: This excellent two volume titled from specialist publishers -The Naval & Military Press, provides the reader with a superbly detailed and most fascinating insight into the history of the “West Yorks” during the Great War. Both the 1st and 2nd Battalions formed part of the original Expeditionary Force in France in 1914 and continued to serve with distinction throughout the war. The regiment was to grow in size quickly and soon totalled an incredible thirty seven battalions. Twenty four of these units actually saw active service overseas and participated in actions at the Aisne, Neuve-Chapelle, the Somme.....Read More


BRITISH REGIMENTS, 1914-18: This marvellous publication, a concise compilation of two volumes in one cover, is the result of many years painstaking research at the Public Records Office, the Ministry of Defence and specialist libraries and museums, by a most experienced and dedicated man. The reader will no doubt, find amongst its pages, a remarkable amount of fascinating information on every British Army formation that existed in the period between 4th August 1914 – the day war was declared, through to the 11th November 1918, when the Armistice was signed.....Read More

WEST COUNTRY REGIMENTS ON THE SOMME: Little has been written about the achievements and sacrifices of the regular and territorial battalions of either the Devonshire or the Dorset regiments.  Now, thanks to his extensive and painstaking research, Major Tim Saunders MBE- (an expert military historian and a serving officer in the Devon and Dorset Regiment) , has succeeded in writing a brilliant book, that chronicles the major actions in which these two famous regiments fought during the long Summer and Autumn of 1916.....Read More

BRITISH REGIMENTS 1914-18 - The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment: During the Great War, the Regular, Territorial Force and Service Battalions of this proud regiment, saw active service on the Western Front, Gallipoli, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Italy, Egypt and India. They gained an incredible total of 5 Victoria Crosses, however in return for their dedicated commitment to King and country, an exceptionally high price was paid - over 8000 men from twenty five battalions/thirty one units were killed in action! Losses were so horrific, that by the first week of November 1914, in the 1st Battalion alone, there were just 32 survivors out of the original 998 men!....Read More

THE HOOD BATTALION: This brilliant book makes compelling reading for those with even the slightest interest in the Royal Naval Division, it is packed with first hand accounts of the division’s formation, the initial training and then, the numerous actions in which it fought. A very useful muster role is also included, as are detailed and accurate breakdowns of the units and battalions that formed the division, information on casualty numbers, together with examples of Rupert Brooke’s poetry and many excellent photographs.....Read More

LIGHT DRAGOONS: The Light Dragoons is an amalgamation of two former regiments-the 13th/18th Royal Hussars and the 15th/19th Kings Royal Hussars - regiments with both long and proud histories and a record of exemplary service to the crown. The were initially raised for reconnaissance and patrolling or scouting duties, however they quickly established a reputation for their daring and courage and in the early days, saw active-service in all corners of the world including India, North America as well as in Spain and Portugal.....Read More

THE ROYAL SCOTS - A Concise History: The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) also known in the past as the 1st Regiment of Foot and “Pontious Pilates Bodyguard”, is the oldest regiment in the British Army. Tracing its history back to 1633 when 1200 men were recruited in Scotland to serve under Louis XIII of France, the regiment gained its first battle honour at Tangier in 1680 and between then and its amalgamation into the new Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006 went on to earn a further 148 honours, therefore re-confirming its valuable contribution to the nation’s heritage.....Read More

THE HISTORY OF THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT IN THE GREAT WAR: This is a very readable volume, however as far as regimental histories go, this particular history is unusual, as each theatre of war is covered separately and not necessarily in chronological order! The large appendices will however  be invaluable for researchers, as having commenced with a summary showing the totals of dead officers and other rank totals by battalions, it is  followed by the nominal rolls, with officers grouped alphabetically and other ranks in their battalions. The comprehensive 56-page list of Honours and Awards, including Mentions In Despatches, is arranged alphabetically and although the ranks of the recipients are not given, the  citations for  the VC, DSO, MC and DCM awards are. The final appendix, entitled ‘Mobilization’, is useful too as it  briefly provides the story of each battalion before it went overseas.....Read More

THE HISTORY OF THE LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT 1914-1918: This excellent value for money, easy to read and long out of print volume covers the history of ten battalions of the Lincolnshire Regiment whilst they were on active service in the Great War and therefore military historians, local and family history researchers together with medal collectors and many general readers will find it an informative read and a must for their bookshelves.....Read More



Travel Guides


MAJOR & MRS HOLT’S CONCISE ILLUSTRATED BATTLEFIELD GUIDE - THE WESTERN FRONT (SOUTH): Each splendid volume in the series, which includes Ypres, The Somme, Gallipoli, Normandy Landings and Operation Market Garden, is packed full of fascinating information, where historical fact is coupled with informed opinion and together with the numerous full colour photographs, excellent maps and diagrams, together with details of war cemeteries and memorials, up to date tourist information and the easy to follow battlefield tour itineraries - provide the reader with just about everything they need to know for a successful tour of their chosen area.....Read More

MAJOR & MRS HOLT’S CONCISE ILLUSTRATED BATTLEFIELD GUIDE - THE WESTERN FRONT (NORTH): Each splendid volume includes a great deal of fascinating information, where historical fact is coupled with informed opinion . Full colour photographs, excellent maps and diagrams together with details of war cemeteries and memorials and useful tourist information (how to get there, where to stay and places to eat etc.) is included. With the easy to follow battlefield tour itineraries also featured, the reader is guided around the battlefields, through the countryside as well as villages, towns and cities, that are linked with battles and major actions of either the Great or Second World Wars.....Read More

THE BATTLEFIELD WALKER’S HANDBOOK: Although many will be delighted to see the Hundred Years War, Waterloo, the Peninsular, Zulu & Boer Wars, together with the American Wars of Independence and Civil Wars included, I personally expected to see at least one or two battles of the Great and Second World Wars covered too. The fascinating details surrounding the campaigns featured, are however backed up with a wide range of photographs and useful maps, together with a great deal of additional useful information, providing what might have been an average tour to the chosen battlefield, with that “wow” factor, now making it rather special.....Read More

MAJOR & MRS HOLT'S POCKET BATTLEFIELD GUIDE –SOMME & MAJOR & MRS HOLT'S POCKET BATTLEFIELD GUIDE - YPRES and PASSCHENDAELE: Major and Mrs Holt produce the best guides to the battlefields one can wish to buy, they are without a doubt quality products and are invaluable to a wide range of readers. Despite these new volumes being a fraction of the price and size of the more detailed Holts publications, they do not lack detail and anyone contemplating a visit to these two famous battlefield areas would be advised to take a copy with them on tour.....Read More


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