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In December 1914, Liverpool became one of the 21 Auxiliary Patrol Bases and in February 1915, the base of the 10th Cruiser Squadron. During the Second World War, Liverpool was headquarters of Western Approaches Command and a manning depot for officers and men of the Merchant Navy who agreed to serve with the Royal Navy for the duration of the war.

A large Canadian hospital, which became No. 5 Canadian General Hospital, opened at Kirkdale in July 1917 and of the 386 First World War burials in Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery, more than 100 are Canadian. Of the remainder, 82 are of officers and men of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment. About half of the graves from this period are scattered throughout the cemetery and the rest are contained in two war graves plots, where the names of the dead are recorded on Screen Wall panels. There are also 115 Second World War burials in the cemetery, nine of them in one of the First World War plots, the rest scattered.

This cemetery also contains nine war graves of other nationalities. Originally, there were many more, including American and German from the First World War and Belgian from both wars, but these were later removed to other national cemeteries in the United Kingdom or repatriated to their home country


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