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Location Information

The Memorial is situated on Southsea Common overlooking the promenade, and is accessible at all times. A copy of the Memorial Register is kept at the Civic Offices in Guildhall Square and may be consulted there.

Visiting Information

Visitor Information Panels have recently been installed at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial to provide information about the war casualties commemorated here. Panels are being erected to help raise awareness of First and Second World War casualties in the UK (Feb 2013) ** Disabled access to the World War 2 Section of the Memorial is possible via the Common and the ramps at the rear of the Memorial. For further information regarding disabled access, please contact our Enquiries Section on 01628 507200.

Historical Information

After the First World War, an appropriate way had to be found of commemorating those members of the Royal Navy who had no known grave, the majority of deaths having occurred at sea where no permanent memorial could be provided.

An Admiralty committee recommended that the three manning ports in Great Britain - Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth - should each have an identical memorial of unmistakable naval form, an obelisk, which would serve as a leading mark for shipping. The memorials were designed by Sir Robert Lorimer, who had already carried out a considerable amount of work for the Commission, with sculpture by Henry Poole. The Portsmouth Naval Memorial was unveiled by the Duke of York (the future George VI) on 15 October 1924.

After the Second World War it was decided that the naval memorials should be extended to provide space for commemorating the naval dead without graves of that war, but since the three sites were dissimilar, a different architectural treatment was required for each. The architect for the Second World War extension at Portsmouth was Sir Edward Maufe (who also designed the Air Forces memorial at Runnymede) and the additional sculpture was by Charles Wheeler, William McMillan, and Esmond Burton. The Extension was unveiled by the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on 29 April 1953.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial commemorates around 10,000 sailors of the First World War and almost 15,000 of the Second World War.


Victoria Cross: WW2


Rank: Commander, Date of Death: 23/03/1943, Age: 37, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M. Submarine Turbulent. , Awards: V C, D S O, D S C, Panel Reference Panel 72, Column 3., Son of Edward Maples Linton and Margaret Gertrude Linton; husband of Nancy Kate Linton.

 Citation: The citation in the London Gazette of 21st May, 1943, gives the following details: From the outbreak of war until H.M.S. Turbulent's last patrol, Commander Linton was constantly in command of submarines, and during that time inflicted great damage on the enemy. He sank one cruiser, one destroyer, one U-boat, twenty-eight supply ships, some 100,000 tons in all, and destroyed three trains by gunfire. In this last year he spent two hundred and fifty-four days at sea, submerged for nearly half the time, and his ship was hunted thirteen times and had two hundred and fifty depth charges aimed at her. His many and brilliant successes were due to his constant activity and skill, and the daring which never failed him when there was an enemy to be attacked.



Rank: Captain, Date of Death: 13/11/1942, Age: 53, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. Excellent , Awards: V C, D S O, D S C and Bar, Panel Reference Panel 61, Column 3., Distinguished Service Cross (U.S.A.). Son of Frederick and Bertha Hamilton Peters, of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

 Citation: The citation in the London Gazette of 14th May, 1943, reads : For valour in taking H.M.S. Walney, in an enterprise of desperate hazard, into the harbour of Oran on 8th November, 1942. Captain Peters led his force through the boom towards the jetty in the face of point-blank fire from the shore batteries, a destroyer and a cruiser. Blinded in one eye, he alone of the seventeen officers and men on the bridge survived. The Walney reached the jetty disabled and ablaze, and went down with her colours flying.



Rank: Lieut-Commander, Date of Death: 08/04/1940, Age: 35, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. Glowworm , Awards: V C, Panel Reference Panel 36, Column 3., Son of Gerard and Florence Roope; husband of Faith D. Roope, of Richmond, Surrey.

Citation: The citation in the London Gazette of 6th July 1945, gives the following details:- On 8th April, 1940, H.M.S. Glowworm was proceeding alone towards West Fjord, Norway, when she met and engaged two enemy destroyers, hitting at least one of them. The enemy broke off the action and headed north. Lieutenant-Commander Roope, though appreciating the intention of the enemy to lead him on to his supporting forces, gave chase. The German heavy cruiser, Admiral Hipper was sighted closing the Glowworm at high speed, and an enemy report was sent, which was received by H.M.S. Renown. Because of the heavy sea it was not possible for the Glowworm to shadow the enemy, and the Commanding Officer decided to attack. Ten torpedoes were fired without success; then the Glowworm, badly hit and her speed reduced, closed and rammed the Admiral Hipper. As she withdrew the Glowworm opened fire again, and scored one hit at 400 yards range. Badly stove in forward and riddled with enemy fire, the Glowworm heeled over, and the Commanding Officer gave the order to abandon her. Shortly afterwards she capsized and sank; only 31 out of her complement of 149 were saved. The Victoria Cross is bestowed upon Lieutenant Commander Roope in recognition of his great valour.



Rank: Petty Officer, Service No: P/JX 130821, Date of Death: 18/05/1941, Age: 30, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. Coventry , Awards: V C, Panel Reference Panel 46, Column 2., Son of Alfred Joseph and Annie Sephton.

Citation: The citation in the London Gazette of 28th November, 1941, reads: Petty-Officer Sephton was director-layer when H.M.S. Coventry was attacked by aircraft, whose fire grievously wounded him. In great pain and faint from loss of blood he stood fast, doing his duty without fault until the enemy was driven off. Thereafter until his death his valiant and cheerful spirit gave heart to the wounded. His high example inspired his shipmates and will live in their memory.



Rank: Lieut-Commander, Date of Death: 14/04/1942, Age: 30, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M. Submarine Upholder , Awards: V C, D S O and 2 Bars, Panel Reference Panel 61, Column 3., Son of William Lumb Wanklyn and Marjorie Wanklyn; husband of Elspeth Wanklyn.

Citation: The Citation in the London Gazette of 16th December, 1944, gives the following details: On 24th May, 1941, while off the coast of Sicily, Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn, in command of H.M. Submarine Upholder, sighted an enemy troop convoy escorted by destroyers. Observation by periscope could not be relied on, owing to failing light, and a surface attack would have been easily seen. Upholder's listening gear was out of action. Despite these difficulties, Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn, though aware of the risk of being rammed by the escorting destroyers, pressed home his attack and sank a large troopship. The destroyers at once counter-attacked, and dropped thirty-seven depthcharges. With great courage, coolness and skill, and without listening gear, Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn brought Upholder clear and back to harbour. Before this outstanding attack and since being made a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order, Lieutenant-Commander Wanklyn had torpedoed a tanker and a merchant vessel. He continued to show the utmost courage in the face of the enemy, and carried out attacks on enemy vessels with skill and relentless determination, sinking one destroyer, one U-boat, two troop transports, one tanker and three supply ships. He also probably destroyed, by torpedoes, one cruiser and one destroyer, and probably hit another cruiser.

















Victoria Cross: WW1


Rank: Ordinary Seaman, Service No: J/43703, Date of Death: 17/11/1917, Age: 21, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. "Caledon." , Awards: V C, Panel Reference 25., Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth Carless, of 31, Tasker Street, Walsall, Staffs.

 Citation: An extract from "The London Gazette" No. 30687, dated 17th May, 1918, records the following:-"For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty. Although mortally wounded in the abdomen, he still went on serving the gun at which he was acting as rammer, lifting a projectile and helping to clear away the other casualties. He collapsed once, but got up, tried again, and cheered on the new gun's crew. He then fell and died. He not only set a very inspiring and memorable example, but he also, whilst mortally wounded, continued to do effective work against the King's enemies.






Rank: Lieut-Commander, Date of Death: 28/01/1918, Age: 31, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M. Submarine E.14. , Awards: V C, Panel Reference 28., Native of Bromley, Kent.

Citation: An extract from the "London Gazette," No. 31354, dated 24th May, 1919, records the following:- "For most conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as Commanding Officer of H.M. Submarine E.14. on the 28th of January, 1918. E.14. left Mudros on the 27th of January, under instructions to force the Narrows and attack the " Goeben," which was reported aground off Nagara Point after being damaged during her sortie from the Dardanelles. The latter vessel was not found and E.14. turned back. At about 8.45 a.m. on the 28th of January a torpedo was fired from E.14. at an enemy ship; 11 seconds after the torpedo left the tube a heavy explosion took place, caused all the lights to go out, and sprang the fore hatch. Leaking badly the boat was blown to 15 feet, and at once a heavy fire came from the forts, but the hull was not hit. E.14. then dived and proceeded on her way out. Soon afterwards the boat became out of control and as the air supply was nearly exhausted, Lieutenant-Commander White decided to run the risk of proceeding on the surface. Heavy fire was immediately opened from both sides, and, after running the gauntlet for half-an-hour, being steered from below, E.14. was so badly damaged that Lieutenant-Commander White turned towards the shore in order to give the crew a chance of being saved. He remained on deck the whole time himself until he was killed by a shell."



Rank: Able Seaman, Service No: 186774, Date of Death: 25/04/1915, Age: 34, Regiment/Service: Royal Navy (RFR/PO/B/3766), H.M.S. "Hussar." , Awards: V C, Mentioned in Despatches, Panel Reference 8., Son of the late William and Elizabeth Williams, of Chepstow, Mon.

 Citation: An extract from the London Gazette, No. 29264, dated 13th Aug., 1915, records the following:-"Held on to a line in the water for over an hour under heavy fire, until killed.


Following three pictures used with the permission of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission



J/53120 Able Seaman

George Boynton

H. M. S. Narbrough

Royal Navy

20th January 1918, aged 20.

Panel 29.


Son of John and Eliza Boynton of Walkington, Yorkshire


Picture courtesy of Sarah Beaumont



 Ernest Driver
Royal Navy H.M.S. Hawke
Drowned at Sea

 15th October 1914, aged 36.

Panel 1.


Husband of Emma Driver, of 2, Victoria Rd. North, Southsea, Hants.



1378S Stoker

Robert Haldane

Royal Naval Reserve

H.M.S. "Invincible."

31st May 1916, aged 27.

Panel 23.


Son of William and Margaret Haldane, of Aberdeen; husband of Maggie Haldane, of 5, Hill St., Aberdeen.



P/JX 264863 Ordinary Seaman

Cyril Henry Kenneth Hall

H.M.S. Naiad

Royal Navy

11th March 1942.

Panel 65, Column 3.


Picture courtesy of Caroline Mrmacoski



SS/117350 Stoker 1st Class

Stephen Lynch

Royal Navy

H.M.S. "Queen Mary."

31st May 1916.

Panel 18.


201SB Signal Boy

Edward Arthur Merchant

Royal Naval Reserve

H.M. Trawler "Evangel."

25th March 1917, aged 17.

Panel 28.


Edward was a signal boy on the HMS Evangel, sunk off Milford Haven by U Boat UC48 .He is also commemorated on the Milford Haven Memorial .


 The son of George and Lilly Merchant Rudkin St Leicester .


God Bless always in our hearts and prayers.


Thank you Roger and Joy Pole .




K/22897 Stoker 1st Class

William Nicholls

Royal Navy

H.M.S. "Invincible."

31st May 1916, aged 21.

Panel 19.


Son of Thomas and Amy Nicholls, of 7/60, Peel St., Winson Green, Birmingham.


M/13988 Wireman 2nd Class

Alfred Leslie Quintrell

Royal Navy

H.M.S. "Black Prince."

31st May 1916, aged 23.

Panel 20.



Son of Alfred and Annie Quintrell, of 1, St. Cuthbert's Rd., Newquay, Cornwall.


P/SR 71522 Steward

George Herbert Alfred Thomas

H.M.S. Gossamer, Royal Navy

24th June 1942, aged 23.

Panel 70, Column 1.


Son of Harold Victor and Eliza Thomas, of Birkenhead, Cheshire.

His body was never recovered. HMS Gossamer was a member of the Halcyon Class and she was a minesweeper assigned to Russian Convoy duties. Whilst at anchor on the 24 June 1942 at Kola Inlet near Murmansk, North Russia, she was bombed and sunk with the loss of 24 crew, including George H. A. Thomas. He was 23 years old.

His name is recorded on the "World War 2 Birkenhead Roll Of Honour 1939 - 1945" in Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead and the H.M.S. Gossamer memorial at St Bartholomew's Church, Penn, Wolverhampton.

Picture courtesy of Mike Priestley


1509S Stoker

William Thomson

Royal Navy Reserve

H.M.S. "Invincible."

31st May 1915, aged 26.

Panel 23.


Son of William Thomson and Rachel Hunter Milne (formerly Thomson), of 42, Victoria Rd., Torry, Aberdeen.



Clyde Z/6066 Able Seaman

George Edward Waddell

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

H.M.S. "Black Prince."

31st May 1916, aged 22.

Panel 24.


Son of Sidney Charles and Emily Mary Waddell, of Kirkwall; husband of Magdalene A. Leask Waddell, of 33, Wales St., Aberdeen.


2149V Stoker

Robert Young Wilson

Royal Naval Reserve

H.M.S. "Invincible."

31st May 1916, aged 42.

Panel 23.


Son of Robert Young Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson, of Aberdeen; husband of Jane Wilson, of 16, Upper Kirkgate, Aberdeen.


P/SSX 25709 Ordinary Seaman

Reginald Glyndur Wiltshire

Royal Navy

H.M.S. Glowworm

8th April 1940, aged 19.

Panel 40, Column 1.


Son of Aaron C. and Beatrice Wiltshire.



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