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Location Information

Kumasi, the chief town of Ashanti region, lies some 275 kilometres inland from Accra.

The Kumasi Memorial is located in the middle of Stewart Road, near to the Military Museum and Post Office.

Ashanti War Cemetery will be found to the north of Government Road near the Military Museum.


Visiting Information

Wheelchair access possible via main entrance.

For further information regarding wheelchair access, please contact our enquiries department on telephone number 01628 634221.


Historical Information

The Gold Coast Regiment, a formation of Artillery and Infantry whose Battle Honours go back to 1873, formed part of the Royal West African Frontier Force. During the First World War, the regiment served with distinction in Togoland (now Togo), in the Cameroons and in the last phase of the East African campaign.

The Kumasi Memorial commemorates 768 men whose graves are unknown or cannot be marked.

Shot at Dawn:

7560 Private A. Frafra, Gold Coast Regiment, executed for casting away arms 28/09/1916.

A/2600 Private D. Barama, Gold Coast Mounted Infantry, executed for murder 10/11/1918.

5538 Lance Corporal Allassan Mamprusi, Gold Coast Regiment, executed for cowardice 28/04/1917

The mass pardon of 306 British Empire soldiers executed for certain offences during the Great War was enacted in section 359 of the Armed Forces Act 2006, which came into effect on royal assent on 8 November 2006.