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21st February 2015


Baslow (St. Anne) Churchyard Great Britain


Curbar (All Saints) Churchyard Great Britain


Denby (St. Mary) Churchyard Great Britain


Manor Park Cemetery, London Great Britain (More photos added)




1st February 2015


Cambridge (Mill Road) Cemetery, Cambridgeshire Great Britain


Dethick Lea and Holloway Cemetery, Derbyshire Great Britain


Grandcourt War Cemetery, Seine Maritime WW2 France


Incheville Communal Cemetery, Seine-Maritime WW2 France


Veules-les-Roses Communal Cemetery, Seine-Maritime WW2 France



29th January 2015


Brookwood Military Cemeteries and Memorials, Surrey Great Britain (More photos added)


Cromford (St. Mary) Churchyard, Derbyshire Great Britain


Vendelles Communal Cemetery WW1 France



24th January 2015


Chesterfield (Spital) Cemetery, Derbyshire Great Britain


Couin Communal Cemetery WW1 France


Minute of Silence A Poem by Bob Scott


O Tower of London A Poem by Bob Scott



16th January 2015


Bourdon German Military Cemetery, Somme WW2 France

La Cambe German Cemetery, Normandy WW2 France (More photos added)

Nossegem Communal Cemetery WW2 Belgium (More photos added)



14th January 2015


Amel-sur-L'Etang German War Cemetery WW1 France


Ardennes American War Cemetery and Memorial WW2 Belgium (More photos added)


Fort Pitt Military Cemetery, Kent United Kingdom



12th January 2015


Bertem Churchyard, Vlaams-Brabant WW2 Belgium


Belle-Motte French National Cemetery WW1 Belgium


Smalley (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard, Derbyshire United Kingdom


Somme American Cemetery, Bony WW1 France




10th January 2015


Antheit Communal Cemetery, Liege WW1 Belgium


Fecamp (Le Val Aux Clercs) Communal Cemetery WW1 & WW2 France


Moha Communal Cemetery, Liege WW1 Belgium



7th January 2015


Ashover Cemetery, Derbyshire United Kingdom


Castres Communal Cemetery WW1 France


Kain Communal Cemetery, Hainaut WW2 Belgium


Nieuport Memorial WW1 Belgium


Pinxton War Memorial, Derbyshire United Kingdom