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 Belgium (World War One)



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Under Forty World War One Commonwealth Burials


Jambes Communal Cemetery


Jemappes Communal Cemetery


Kemmel Churchyard


Kooigem Churchyard


La Hulpe Communal Cemetery


Lamain Communal Cemetery


Landelies Communal Cemetery


Langemark German Military Cemetery


Lesdain Communal Cemetery


Lessines Communal Cemetery


Leuven Communal Cemetery


Libramont Communal Cemetery


Lives-sur-Meuse Churchyard



No Commonwealth Burials


Leopoldsburg Belgium War Cemetery







Forty Or More World War One Commonwealth Burials


Kandahar Farm Cemetery


Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery


Kemmel No. 1 French Cemetery


Kezelberg Military Cemetery


Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery


Kortrijk (St. Jan) Communal Cemetery


La Belle Alliance Cemetery


La Brique Military Cemetery No. 1


La Brique Military Cemetery No. 2


La Clytte Military Cemetery


La Laiterie Military Cemetery


La Louviere Town Cemetery


La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery


Lancashire Cottage Cemetery


Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery


Le Touquet Railway Crossing Cemetery


Ledeghem Military Cemetery


Leuze Communal Cemetery


Liege (Robermont) Cemetery


Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery


Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery


Locre Hospice Cemetery


Locre No 10 Cemetery


Loker Churchyard


London Rifle Brigade Cemetery


Lone Tree Cemetery



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