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 Belgium (World War One)



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Under Forty World War One Commonwealth Burials


R.E. Grave Railway Wood


Rebaix Communal Cemetery


Reninghelst Churchyard


Roisin Communal Cemetery


Ronse (Renaix) Communal Cemetery 


Ruddervoorde Communal Cemetery


Rumes Churchyard


Rumillies Churchyard


Scheldewindeke Churchyard


St. Baafs-Vijve Churchyard


St. Jan-Ter-Biezen Communal Cemetery


St. Leger Churchyard


St. Maur Churchyard


St. Niklaas Communal Cemetery


Sivry Communal Cemetery


Slypskapelle Plot of Honour


Soignies (Zinnik) Communal Cemetery


Solre-St. Gery Communal Cemetery


Soumoy Communal Cemetery


Spa Communal Cemetery


Spiennes Communal Cemetery


Spiere (Espierres) Churchyard


Spy Communal Cemetery


Stalhille Churchyard


Stasegem Communal Cemetery 


Steenkerke Belgian Military Cemetery



Forty Or More World War One Commonwealth Burials


R. E. Farm Cemetery


Railway Chateau Cemetery


Railway Dugouts Burial Ground


Ramparts Cemetery, Lille Gate


Ramscappelle Road Military Cemetery


Ration Farm (La Plus Douve Annexe)


Red Farm Military Cemetery


Reninghelst Churchyard Extension


Reninghelst New Military Cemetery


Ridge Wood Military Cemetery


Rifle House Cemetery


Roeselare Communal Cemetery


Ruisseau Farm Cemetery


Sanctuary Wood Cemetery


Schoonselhof Cemetery


Seaforth Cemetery, Cheddar Villa


St. Julien Dressing Station Cemetery


St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery


St. Symphorien Military Cemetery


Solferino Farm Cemetery


Somer Farm Cemetery


Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery


Spoilbank Cemetery


Strand Military Cemetery


Suffolk Cemetery



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