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 Belgium (World War One)



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Under Forty World War One Commonwealth Burials


Waarmaarde Churchyard


Wambeek Churchyard


Warcoing Churchyard 


Warquignies Communal Cemetery


Watou Churchyard 


Wavre Communal Cemetery


Westvleteren Belgian Military Cemetery 


Wevelgem Communal Cemetery


Wez-Velvain (Velvain) Churchyard


Wez-Velvain (Wez) Churchyard


Wielsbeke Communal Cemetery


Wiheries Communal Cemetery


Wulverghem Churchyard


Zandvoorde Churchyard


Zeebrugge Churchyard and Zeebrugge Memorial 


Zillebeke Churchyard

Forty Or More World War One Commonwealth Burials


Welsh Cemetery (Caesar's Nose)


Westhof Farm Cemetery


Westouter Churchyard and Extension


Westoutre British Cemetery


White House Cemetery


Wieltje Farm Cemetery


Woods Cemetery


Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery


Wytschaete Military Cemetery


Ypres Reservoir Cemetery


Ypres Town Cemetery


Ypres Town Cemetery Extension


Zantvoorde British Cemetery


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