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World War One Battles Index


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Battle of Mons

23rd  - 24th August


First Battle of the Marne

5th September - 12th November


First Battle of Ypres

19 October 22 November





Battle of Neuve-Chapelle

10th March



Second Battle of Ypres

22nd April - 25th May



Landing at Cape Helles (Gallipoli)

25th April


Battle of Loos

25th September - 14th October





Battle of Verdun

21st February - 18th December



Battle of the Somme

1st July - 18th November





Battle of Vimy Ridge

9th April - 12th April


Battle of Messines

7th June - 14th June


Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres)

31st July





Spring Offensive

21st March


Battle of Amiens

08 August  - 12 August


Meuse - Argonne Offensive

26th September - 11th November